Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Spookfest: Claire's Graffiti + Pigment Zombie Nail Art Fail

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spookfest: Claire's Graffiti + Pigment Zombie Nail Art Fail

 photo SpookfestNailFailPigmentHalloweenNailArt04_zpsbea79d0b.jpg

Think because summer is over neons are out? Psh. Claire's threw in some black & white could I say no? I love these kind of shades as a base for Halloween nails because they really stand out. I've been wanting to try this pigment blowing technique for a long time...success? Keep reading to find out!
 photo SpookfestNailFailPigmentHalloweenNailArt03_zps1efd447a.jpg
Man isn't this hideous? I started with OPI Alpine Snow then topped it with Claire's Nail Polish in Graffiti which I really do actually like. I used Seche Vite & the pigments are Amuse 01 (a silvery dark grey) & LA Splash Eyeshadow in Island Sunset (neon orange).

 photo SpookfestNailFailPigmentHalloweenNailArt05_zps0921ea9c.jpg
It all went so very wrong. They look like gross zombie nails. I tried using the black first but I don't think it was fine enough because it clumped & barely moved. Then more topcoat & tried the orange. I knew it was a mess & topped it for photos anyway.

 photo SpookfestNailFailPigmentHalloweenNailArt01_zpsed73ca7e.jpg
 photo SpookfestNailFailPigmentHalloweenNailArt02_zpsc97e5c3a.jpg
Speaking of a mess...My hands are stained to high heaven. My hands, arms, thighs...everything. Even under my nails on the other hand. They look disgusting.

Make me feel better: What are some of your nail fails? Anything you tried recently turn out oh so very wrong?
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